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Answer the question as indicated to earn all available points.
A Chemistry student was given the following mixture: Small Styrofoam pellets, sand, salt, 1 cm
diameter copper bbs, and iron filings. He/she has access to the following materials and equipment:
beakers, magnets, sieves with 5-mm holes, hot plates, watch glasses, tweezers, coffee filters, and
small fish nets.
Describe how he/she would separate each component from the mixture, what material/equipment
he/she would employ, and which property (ies) of matter he/she would use to separate each
component from the mixture.
The narrative should be written in the form of a step-by-step procedure that any student in a lab can follow without you being there to explain.
***In order to obtain ALL possible points, EACH component MUST have ALL 3 requirements as
indicated above. (description of how the material would be separated, materials used in the separation,
and physical property (ies) used to separate it.)
Order of separation
How to separate
Materials used
Additional steps
Iron filings

copper bbs

Styrofoam pellets



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