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Topic- Growth and Positive Outcomes from Marijuana
Essay 2: Research Essay
· Write an essay and not a report.
o Don’t give me a “data dump.”
o Explore the topic organizing the essay around your own questions/ideas about the topic.
· Your essay is your opinion backed up with research.
· Your essay should be 4 or 5 pages in length plus a Works Cited page. (total of 5-6 pages)
· You should have a central thesis(make thesis bold in font). (A thesis is not a question. The answer to your question could be a thesis.)
· Use at least 4 sources.
o At least one of these sources should be a peer-reviewed source.
· Use MLA conventions. These include the following:
o Document formatting
o Works Cited page in MLA format
o In-text parenthetical citations
· Write for an audience of peers rather than experts on the topic.
o Don’t expect that your audience knows anything about your topic.

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