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Please answer the following questions an include the questions in the Paper. APA STYLE . Less than 10
% similarity.

1. In the last century, what historical, social, political, and economic trends and issues have influenced today’s health-care system?
2. What is the purpose and process of evaluating the three aspects of health care: structure, process, and outcome?
3. How does technology improve patient outcomes and the health-care system?
4. How can you intervene to improve quality of care and safety within the health-care system and at the bedside?
5. Select one nonprofit organization or one government agencies that influences and advocates for quality improvement in the health-care system. Explore the Web site for your selected organization/agency and answer the following questions: •
a)-What does the organization/agency do that supports the hallmarks of quality? •
b)-What have been the results of their efforts for patients, facilities, the health-care delivery system, or the nursing profession? •
c)-How has the organization/agency affected facilities where you are practicing and your own professional practice?

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