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Post your Message Center Discussion Question answers (200-250 words each
chapter 2 Discussion
What specific elements of E. B. Whites essay do you admire the most and why?
Why do you think James Baldwin wrote Fifth Avenue, Uptown?
What other works (from this semester or from your own readings) does this remind
you of and why?
Is verbal description
slowly becoming extinct as
become more and more a visually-informed,
nearly post-literate culture?
What effect
do you think this might have on us as a society?
(Chapter 3 Discussion Questions)
Choose one paragraph (at least ten lines long) by any one author from Chapter 3, and then rewrite it as if another author from this section had written it.
Along with this, list the stylistic elements that you mimicked.
Choose any essay from Chapter 3 and discover where the author diverts from discussing the workings of the process itself.
Is this effective?
Describe your own process for working through the requirements of this class.
Are you organized, haphazard?
A combination thereof?
When do you work the best?

Take your time when answering these: theyre not meant to be completed in an hour.
Read them first, and then let them percolate for awhile.
Post your Message Center Discussion Question answers (200-250 words each

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