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a. Imagine that you have just developed and launched a new sports bike for cycling enthusiasts and your business has become an instant success. You would like to capitalize on this success and fame to grow your business. Using one or more growth strategies, explain how you would go about expanding your business over the next three years.
b. Taking an example of your choice, explain how social and situational considerations influence customer buying decisions.
c. Take an example of your choice and explain how VALS categories could be used to segment a market.
a. A bank manager notices that by the time customers get to the teller, they seem irritated and impatient. She wants to investigate the problem further, so she hires you to develop a marketing research design to figure out what is bothering the customers. Develop a marketing research design to investigate the reasons behind the above marketing problem. Clearly explain all relevant steps. [Hint: This is not the same as the marketing research process]
b. Differentiate between a manufacturer’s brand, generic brand, and store brand. Should retailers carry all three types of brands? Why?

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