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Select TWO discussion questions from the denoted chapter below and post your response addressing the two questions in one posting response (be sure to identify the questions you selected in your response).
Select TWO Discussion Questions Below:
1. Why are transnational corporations in such a good position to commit corporate crimes and transgressions?
What methods might be used to combat these crimes?

2. Do you agree with the way corporate violence is defined in this chapter? Should all of the behaviors the author classifies as corporate violence be considered corporate violence? Why or why not?
3. How should corporate violence be punished, and how can it be prevented?
4. Do you agree with the classification of all the behaviors discussed as corporate abuse of power, fraud, or economic exploitation?
Why or why not?
5. How should corporate abuse of power, fraud, and economic exploitation be punished?
What are some ways in which it might be prevented, or detected more easily?

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