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SHORT ANSWER ESSAY: Answer questions 1-4 below. Your responses should be in short answer essay format (approximately 500 words each).
Please copy or restate the question before providing your answer.
Submit your response as a PDF document.
1) Chapter 4 talks about some methods an agency may use to obtain records, testimony, or other information. Legal principles/standards are used to determine the legality of an agencys demand for information. Identify (and in your own words explain) those four standards.
See pages 136-141.
2) The fifth amendment protects a person from being compelled to incriminate oneself. However, this privilege against self-incrimination has limitations in the administrative context. Identify those limitations and explain each. See pages 142 – 148.
3) Identify and explain the pertinent sections of FOIA which govern an agencys obligation to provide information, including various exemptions. See pages 154 – 164.
4) Identify and explain the federal law which governs open meetings. See pages 164-167.

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