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Week 4 DiscussionDiscussion Topic Overdue – yesterday at 11:59 PM
Delivery of the informative speech
By the due date assigned, record and post your informative speech related to your career field or professional goals and post it here. To make your speech easier to identify, give the file the following name:
SU_SPC1026_W4_Discussion_LastName_FirstInitial. Please copy and paste your APA formatted reference page of 3–5 sources directly into the Discussion Area.
Note: the time limit for this speech is 5–7 minutes.
Please consider the following when you create your informational speech video:
Your introduction should engage your specific target audience specific to your career field or professional goals.
Your introduction should possess a single, purposeful career oriented or professional field driven thesis that previews the main points of your speech.
After the introduction, the body of your speech should have clear main points and smooth transitions between them that continue informing on a specific career or professional field.
Present your speech with objectivity, relevancy, and credibility.
Use your voice tone, inflection, and volume appropriately.
Use eye contact, facial expression, hand gestures, and other body language smoothly and appropriately in line with your words. Any other visual aids should be used appropriately as well.
In your conclusion, be sure that you relate back to the main points and provide a memorable final statement.
Your speech should make relevant and effective use of sources that have been gathered from academic outlets that relate to your career field or professional goals.
After you submit your speech, retrieve at least two of your classmates’ speeches from the Discussion Area, watch them, and critique them in the Discussion Area.
Make one post for each student’s video that you watch, identifying the video by the classmates name in the subject line of your post. Alternatively, you can hit reply to your classmate’s reference post and leave your comments.
Be sure to provide substantive feedback for your classmates’ speeches.
Apply the principles of public speaking, speech design, and critical listening to your feedback.
Respond to at least two posts by the end of the week.

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