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Create a rough draft for the following
RESEARCH QUESTION: Would a public health approach to immigration decrease mental trauma for Hispanic children separated in America?
*Attached is the template that should be followed in writing this paper for the draft
Compose the first
of your paper, the Scientific and Economic Perspectives of Inquiry. In this paper you are trying support the argument that your chosen topic should be considered a public health issue with evidence, not personal opinion. You will need to establish that your social or environmental injustice impacts your population in a significant way. To do that you will discuss both healthcare issues as well as the economic burdens. The content that you include will need to be inline with your research question so make sure that
Research question should Include specific population and disparity within chosen public health issue
Your paper should also follow this outline
Scientific and economic perspectives of inquiry (6 page)
Establish your topic is a problem (establish link between health issue and medical condition in your population)
Which diagnoses are affected?
One – PTSD
Two – Anxiety
Three – Depression
What are the economic issues involved