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Topic: Social media and self esteem
Required length 1250-1750 words
Minimum of 6-7 credible sources
MLA format
Background and Major Arguments
One or two paragraphs in the beginning of your paper need to demonstrate your familiarity with the history of the argument. This section of your paper will tell how the topic became a controversy and trace that controversy’s overarching concepts through current times.
Additionally, you need to demonstrate a knowledge of all arguments on your issue. You will need to provide your audience with an appropriate knowledge of all the arguments so that your own argument gains credibility and logic.
Your Argument
Your argument will be a crucial component in the paper. You will not just present the various sides of the existing argument and state that you agree with one side of the argument. Instead, you have to use your source material and your own voice to make a case for the argument you support.
Thesis Statement
Your thesis statement is a strong component of the research paper. Your thesis statement will prepare your audience for your argument. When crafted appropriately, your reader will have a good idea of your argument as they read through the paper and will keep this argument in mind throughout the reading, as well prepare them for what you’ll be talking about. This makes convincing your audience much easier.
You must include a counterargument in your paper.
Address the opposing side of your argument and tell why it is incorrect or not likely. Inserting a counterargument not only strengthens your own argument but adds length to your paper, too!
Works Cited
Your Works Cited page will contain a list of all sources used in writing your paper. You must be very careful as you construct your Works Cited page. You do not want to omit a source that is included in your paper and you do not want to include a source that is not in your paper. Remember that your Works Cited page must be in alphabetical order.
Articulate a strong thesis
Demonstrate an ability to read, understand, and synthesize research
Demonstrate an ability to construct a brief history
Articulate an argument of your own and use sources to support this argument
Strength of the argument and the support of this argument in the paper
Success of the overall argument
Successful synthesis of research and use of sources in your paper
Successful demonstration of MLA skills