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Trends in Capital Structure (Paper)
Outcome: Research resource acquisition or allocation trends that impact long-term firm value.
Assignment Overview and Details
Research long-term trends occurring within an industry that are impacting the capital structures of companies within that industry. Analyze the industry’s macro-financial environment pertaining to resource acquisition or capital allocation trends from within the past 20 years. Within your analysis, include both domestic and global trends that may be impacting your chosen industry. Include a description of the underlying problems within that industry that may be causing the trends. Discuss the forces that are driving these underlying trends, whether the trends are likely to continue or discontinue, and explain your rationale.
This paper is to be written in the third-person format. The paper is to be double-spaced, use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, follow APA (7th edition) format, be between 8-10 pages (2400-3000 words), and incorporate at least 10 sources with (4) being scholarly. Images, charts, tables, and graphics are encouraged; however, they are not considered as part of the page/word count.
Submission Detail:
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