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Attend any event that provides you with a new experience in terms of exposure to beliefs or experiences which are different than your own. This can be culturally different religious or spiritual service, community celebration, club meeting or guest speaker, etc. Keep in mind diversity includes ethnicity, race, gender, social class, age, sexual orientation, disability, or political views, select any experience which is different from your own. The experience should last approximately 1-2 hours and address the following questions within your response:
Describe the experience and why you selected this experience and how it is a new experience, different than your normal experiences.
Explain how you felt during the experience and what you gained from the experience.
What was similar to other experiences you have had in the past.
Select 1-2 concepts from the chapter which helps you to better understand the experience and make connections with your experience.
Create your response into a word doc using APA format with a minimum of 550-750 minimum word count. Include in text citations which will connect to the factual points from the article and/or textbook, and include the reference citation(s) at the end of the document.