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Theres 2 assignments
Assignment 1:
In no more than 2
full double spaced typed pages (APA style)
respond to the following:
When answering the following questions, please consider that I am Black…
What ideas, assumptions, stereotypes about your own cultural group, and others,
did you grow up with?
(for example, you may have been raised with the idea that white people were the hardest workers, that people from Russia
couldnt really be trusted,
How do the things you discussed in the first question, impact you today in your day to day life, positively and negatively?
What can you do as a future
counseling professional, to be sure you are practicing with cultural competence?
How does this feel to you as you move toward this goal?
please be sure to cite all sources
Assignment 2:
In no more than 2 paragraphs
List and define 3 things that influence assessment, diagnosis and case conceptualization.
What are the dangers to a client, of a counselors
How can a counselor apply principles of cultural competence to client assessment, particularly the clinical/intake interview?
please be sure to cite all sources