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This instructional document will enable readers to complete multiple steps to achieve a specific outcome. This document will connect with instructional documents developed by your team members to create a user manual/solution guide that enables readers to achieve a solution to the problem stated in the RFP.
Each team member must create a separate instructional document. Each instructional document should address a different topic (e.g. download, install, and configure), audience (e.g. lay, managerial, or expert), or user level (e.g. beginner, intermediate, or expert) related to the semester project.
Your instructional document may target a lay or expert audience. Identify the target audience clearly in your introduction.
For laypeople:
Assume that your readers have a basic, well-rounded education, but no special knowledge of your field, except what they have been able to pick up from popular media.
For experts:
Assume professionals and students in your field already have some familiarity with your subject, terminology, and more advanced discussions of your chosen term.
To complete this assignment, you must compose an instructional document that includes:
? A 125-word introduction to the process that explains:
o The intended outcome of the process
o Prerequisites (tools or knowledge) necessary to complete the process.
o An exigence statement that indicates the purpose and audience of the instructional document
? A process with a minimum of five steps
? An informative graphic element (e.g. illustration, photo, diagram, chart, graph, etc) for at least half of the steps in the process. For example, if the document contains 10 steps, 5 steps should include a graphic element.
? Each step in the process should identify a single action and outcome
? A 125-word concluding statement that:
o Summarizes the process and each step included
o Restates the outcome of the total process
o Identifies the next steps or processes the reader should take next
? Define any technical terms or jargon and provide a citation for any terms connected to secondary sources.
? Apply plain language guidelines to ensure the document is clear, concise, and accessible, and present your information clearly and logically for the audience it is intended for.
? Use background information your readers can reasonably be assumed to have, but make sure that a correct understanding of the material does not rely on their knowing something that they may very well not know.
In other words, if your instructions rely on the readers’ understanding of some additional material, make sure you explain that material.
Assignment instructions
The University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) is a university-based regional health care system that serves the health care needs of Maryland by bringing innovation, discovery, and research to the care the system provides at more than 150 locations and 13 hospitals.
The UMMS has launched a new website to help patients locate doctors, services, and facilities for treatment. To aid patients and visitors in navigating the new website, the UMMS Public Outreach team is requesting assistance from an experienced technical writer or writing team to develop a set of instructions that will help patients and visitors use the new site to
Find appropriate health services