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This is the topic in which to research:
Need for transitional housing, multi-state medical coverage and multi-state educational benefits for children who age out of foster care.
The Advocacy Project is to be submitted along with a detailed summary of the project; this is at least 6–7 pages in length. The Advocacy Project must include the following:
Introduction: Must include a summary of the issues and a clear thesis statement
Rationale for the mode of choice: This must include the rationale for the mode of choice detailing why the issue is relevant to public policy.
Include the elements of your outline headings: Each heading must be supported with research, facts, strategies, etc. The following outline would be an example (
Setting your goals
Strategies for developing your message
Strategies to get the message out
Team building
Putting it all together
Conclusion: offers a good summary of issues treated in the paper and offers practical application.