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The first step to continue to integrate evidence-based practice onto my unit is to Identify a problem and figure out the best way to solve it. Many evidence-based practices start at the bedside. A nurse notices a problem and starts thinking of a way to fix it. Once the problem is identified then the next step would be to assemble some of the nurses to help gather information to a solution to the problem. Once the information is gathered with evidence-based information finding a way to implement the interventions would then be the next step.
Starting a unit council is another way to continue to integrating evidence-based practice onto the unit. If there was no educator or clinical coordinator on the unit a nit council would be there to identify unit based issues and find the literature to support any solutions. Starting a journal club on the unit is another way to continue to integrate evidence-based practice on the unit. Finding journal articles that address issues and to receive CEU for continuing education, will help disseminate knowledge onto the unit. A journal club is an effective approach to tackle issues on the the unit and allows nurses to keep up to date with recently published literature. Also making sure to involve new grads into any projects will make sure that evidence-based practice is followed early on and also new grads have just graduated from school so they will have been taught all the new evidence-based practice information and can share that knowledge with others.

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