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EPrescribing Eprescribing is the transmission of prescription or prescriptionrelated information using electronic media between a prescriber dispenser pharmacy benefit manager

E-prescribing is the transmission of prescription or prescription-related information using electronic media between a prescriber, dispenser, pharmacy benefit manager, or health plan, either directly or through an intermediary, including an e-prescribing network.
In an effort to understand the benefits and cautions about e-prescribing, conduct thorough research. For your assignment, create a 4- to 6-page report in Microsoft Word document consisting of your research findings covering your responses to the following questions:
Evaluate three pros and three cons of e-prescribing.
Summarize the e-prescription standards as described by the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs.
Evaluate the projected cost and time savings as estimated by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.
Comment on the controversy surrounding the 2013 e-prescribing penalty.
Use the following resources, and 2 outside resources and your text book for this assignment.
Ratanawongsa, N., Lenny L. S. Chan, Fouts, M. M., & Murphy, E. J. (2017). The challenges of electronic health records and diabetes electronic prescribing: Implications for safety net care for diverse populations. Journal of Diabetes Research, 2017 doi:10.1155/2017/8983237
Juszczyk, D., Charlton, J., McDermott, L., Soames, J., Sultana, K., Ashworth, M., . . . Gulliford, M. C. (2016). Electronically delivered, multicomponent intervention to reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescribing for respiratory infections in primary care: A cluster randomized trial using electronic health records-REDUCE trial study original protocol. BMJ Open, 6(8) doi:
Support your responses with examples in a 4-6 page APA formatted Word Document. Include an introduction and conclusion. Cite any sources in APA format.

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