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You will write a comparative analysis based onA Place to Stand the memoirLinks to an external site. and the documentaryLinks

You will write a comparative analysis based on
A Place to Stand the memoir
(Links to an external site.) and the documentary
(Links to an external site.).
Choose one of the following questions to develop into an essay:
How does the documentary differ from the novel in presenting the realities of prison life to convince audiences for prison reform?
How does the documentary differ from the novel in reaffirming the resilience of the human spirit?
What effect does the documentary have on audiences that differs from the novel that may change their perspective?
What questions does the documentary raise that are answered in the memoir and vise-versa?
What do both the memoir and documentary illustrate about power?
How does Jimmys perspective differ from that in the memoir?
Use Google Docs and provide share link with editor access. If you use PCC Google, make sure to use Anyone with the Link to allow for outside collaboration. (Please see tab Googles Doc Share Editor and follow the instructions).
Write a minimum of 1000 words (4-5 pages).
Follow MLA documentation style and include a works cited
Proofread and edit

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