Choose one of the following questions and, if writing, compose a 2-3 paragraph response. at least 500 words.
Week Three Discussion Questions
1.Why would Mike Davis history of Los Angeles, City of Quartz
be viewed as an important text for understanding the rise of both Gangsta Rap and G-Funk?
2. Listen to the songs
What Does It Mean?
From Schooly D and PSK, and
6 In The Morning, from Ice T, and “think about the dispassion with which acts of criminality are described in comparison to the ‘shout raps’ coming out of New York at the time”. How was the lyrical content and vocal delivery of the above-mentioned songs different from rap coming from New York at the time? Thinking about notions of authenticity, what might have been appealing about Gangsta rap, and why? Consider lyrics, vocal delivery, sound production/quality, and distribution to support your answer.