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1. For each instruction, give the 80×86 opcode and total number of bytes of object code, including prefix bytes. Assume you are in 64-bit mode and that word0p, dbl0p, and quad0p reference a word, doubleword and quadword in data, respectively.

  • Add    ax, word0p
  • Sub dbl0p, ebx
  • Sub rax, 10
  • Add quad0p, 1000
  • Inc r10b
  • Dec word0p
  • Neg rdx
  • Inc QWORD PTR [rdx]

2. Please provide code converting a Fahrenheit to a Celsius using the registers edx and eax?

3. Please write the commands (declarations) to setup a 2-byte and 4-byte GPS location.

4. Is the following code valid? Why or why not:

  • mov eax, [ebx-ecx] ;
  • mov [eax+esi+edi], ebx ;
  • cmp eax, edx ;
  • xor ecx, ecx ;
  • inc eax ;

5. What does the following code do?

  • Push ebp                  ;
  • Mov ebp, esp           ;
  • Push ebx                  ;

6. Please provide code for the following scenario:

  • Create a while loop that that checks for 4 iteractions
  • Create jumps and labels for each case
  • Provide an exitcode along with possible return codes.

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