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***For this reason, you will find a child (your child, friend, family member child between 0-8 yrs old)


 Anecdotal record documents a student’s growth and trends. Such records are intended to be brief, factual accountings. The recorded observations are intended to identify the child’s current skill level, interests

The Assignment/Grading Criteria:

Select a child (1) who is between Birth-8 years of age. The child you select is the focus in your anecdote.

Be specific and date each anecdote.  Times – note the beginning time of significant moment. Write verbs in past tense.

Follow the child as s/he moves, if necessary. Quickly record in sequence all activity and try to quote, word for word, the child’s speech and interaction ( Note if the record pertains to social, cognitive, physical, or language domain.  )

 Write up your observation using a minimum of 300 words

5.Observation- Tell me about the thoughts which guided your observation. 

What questions guided your observation?

6. Findings- Report your results and interpret what you observed.

What did you observe? 

What did you learn about your target child?

What new questions do you have about your target child now?

** Avoid subjective statements where you give your opinion or make inferences about things

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