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This week, you will write a paper in which you explain salient elements associated with two sensory-related disabilities: deafness and hearing loss, and blindness and low vision. For each of these three high incidence disabilities, provide the following information with corresponding citations to support your writing:

  • The basic definition. You will find there are many definitions in practice such as legal definitions, medical definitions, or educational definitions. Whichever definition you choose, describe the definition in your terms.
  • The prevalence rate in schools. Because you are exploring high incidence disabilities, you may find prevalence rates higher than you might expect. Prevalence rates might be expressed in numbers or percentages.
  • A brief description of the IDEA eligibility criteria.
  • Two to three characteristics commonly seen with children diagnosed with the disability.
  • Three or four research-based or evidence-based instructional strategies for use with children diagnosed with the disability. At least one strategy should demonstrate collaboration between special education and general education staff.

Length: 3-5 pages, excluding title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of three scholarly resources.

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