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Using the Module 5 in the textbook, On this activity you will work with your team members to create a comprehensive assessment calendar; and then prepare a PowerPoint presentation to share the calendar and assessment plan with appropriate staff members.  If your school or district has an assessment calendar you may use that as a starting point, but you need to ensure that all the required components are included.  If you have never seen an assessment calendar there are several you can find via the internet.


Step 1:   Each person must find an example of a different, specific school or district assessment calendar.  It should be shared in the discussion forum along with 2-3 key ideas you notice in the calendar.

Step 2:  The team and team leader should review all the assessment calendar formats and decide on a format for the team task.

Step 3:   The team should decide if you are producing a calendar for one grade level, multiple grade levels, a whole school or district.  You need to develop a calendar for a minimum of a single grade level.  If your school / district calendar has a sample calendar you may use that as a starting point.  If your school/district has a calendar with multiple grade levels you may use these, but it will be more challenging to include all the required components.  Classroom formative and summative assessments must be included as well as professional development time as needed to prepare to administer the tests and to analyze the results.


1.Standardized testing dates.  For example, state testing dates, periodic assessments such as MAP, STAR, KRAL, Iowas/COGAT, etc.

2.Before and after standardized testing dates there should be specific professional development time allocated to review testing procedures before the administration of the tests and professional development time after to evaluate the results of the tests.

3.Common grade level assessment dates.  There should also be time allocated for preparation and review of results noted.

4.A common rubric that will be used a few times throughout the year to assess a specific learning objective.

5.A final, teacher-created summative, performance-based assessment.  This could be a capstone project, a Problem-based learning (PBL) project, a student portfolio, an end of year student project, etc.

6.A date or dates should be included that introduce assessments and then explain results to parents.


Once the calendar has been developed a PowerPoint presentation needs to be created that will explain the assessment calendar to staff.  Assume that your calendar is being presented at the beginning of the school year and you will be talking to individuals totally new to the teaching profession as well as experienced staff.

I encourage you to review suggestions for making an effective PowerPoint presentation; such as including only a few words per slide, putting supplementary information in the notes section, etc.

For this assignment, please firstly set a timeline for team members as final due date is April 11. The example has uploaded. Then please build a PPT as part two. 

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