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For this assignment, assume you are the new Secretary of Homeland Security. You are drafting a Policy Document referred to as a “White Paper” for the Biden Administration to highlight the impact of open/closed borders in the age of COVID-19 on migration, asylum seekers, and economic recovery. In this white paper, consider the following to frame your paper. 

  • Define what YOU believe an “OPEN” vs “CLOSED” border means especially when dealing with those seeking asylum. Reminder that you can provide your opinion without using “I think” or something similar.
  • How do you believe illegal migrants can be treated humanely and with dignity/inclusion?
  • How does an “open” vs a “closed” border impact the United States economy?
  • What are your recommendations for the next 12-24 months on specific steps that the new administration needs to take? 

DO NOT answer this as if it is a four Question Exam. This is a WHITE PAPER and is a single narrative framed by these questions, but do NOT use first person (I statements). 

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