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Now that you have completed the first six assignments, it

Now that you have completed the first six assignments, it is time to complete your research project for the course. Include the following sections in your submission.

Topic:  Sun Coast Project

1) Title Page

2) Table of Contents

3) Executive Summary

4) Introduction

5) Statement of the Problems

6) Literature Review

7) Research Objectives

8) Research Questions and Hypotheses

9) Research Methodology, Design, and Methods

 a)  Research Methodology

 b)  Research Design

 c) Research Methods

 d) Data Collection Methods

 e) Sampling Design

 f) Data Analysis Procedures

10)  Data Analysis: Descriptive Statistics and Assumption Testing

11)  Data Analysis: Hypothesis Testing

12)  Findings

13)  Recommendations

14)  References

Please follow the  Unit VII project template (ATTACHED) to complete your assignment.

The title and reference pages do not count toward the page requirement for this assignment. This assignment should be no less than three pages in length, follow APA-style formatting and guidelines, and use references and citations as necessary.

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