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   SOCW 6311 WK 2 Discussion: Generating Support for Evidence-Based Practices When


SOCW 6311 WK 2 Discussion: Generating Support for Evidence-Based Practices

When treating clients, social workers must ensure that the evidence-based practice is appropriate for the client and the problem. Then, the social worker must get the client and other stakeholders to support the selected evidence-based practice. To earn that support, the social worker should present the client and stakeholders with a plan for implementation and evidence of the evidence-based practice efficacy and appropriateness. Social workers must demonstrate that they have carefully considered the steps necessary to implement the evidence-based practice, identified factors in the current environment that support implementation of the evidence-based practice, and addressed those factors that may hinder the successful implementation.

For this week’s Discussion, you will take on the role of the social worker in the Levy case study. You will choose an evidence-based practice and attempt to gain the support of both the client and supervisor. To do so, you will address its efficacy, appropriateness, and factors that may impact implementation of the evidence-based practice that you chose.

To prepare for this Discussion, review Levy Episode 2 (provided). Then using the registries provided in this week’s resources and the Walden Library, locate an evidence-based practice that you believe would be appropriate for Jake’s case. Then, review the Evidence-Based Practice kit for Family Psycho Education from the SAMHSA website from the resources. Note all the steps and considerations involved in implementing the evidence-based practice and which of these considerations apply to this case. Consider issues such as agency support, resources, and costs that might support or limit the application of the evidence-based intervention that you select.

QUESTIONS IN BOLD THEN ANSWERS 300 to 400 words not including the questions

Post an evaluation of the evidence-based practice that you selected for Jake.  This is the evidence-based practice and web site I chose full PDF IS ATTACHED 

Brown, L. A., Zandberg, L. J., & Foa, E. B. (2019). Mechanisms of Change in Prolonged exposure Therapy for PTSD: Implications for Clinical Practice. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 29(1), 6-14. Retrieved from Walden library. 

Describe the practice and the evidence supporting it. 

Explain why you think this intervention is appropriate for Jake. 

Then provide an explanation for the supervisor regarding issues related to implementation.

Identify two factors that you believe are necessary for successful implementation of the evidence-based practice and explain why. 

Then, identify two factors that you believe may hinder implementation and explain how you might mitigate these factors.

Be sure to include APA citations and references.


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