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Task · This is an individual task. · Read the ethical dilemma


· This is an individual task.

· Read the ethical dilemma here below.

Marcos is the marketing director at Happy Pictures. He has been in the company for 20 years. He started at the sales department making calls to prospective clients with a very low salary and worked his way up after the company paid his college degree in marketing. The director let him know, in a secret meeting on Friday after everybody left, that they had lost one of their main clients and, therefore, they would have to lay off one hundred workers. Marcos’s job was not included among the ones to be eliminated. A week went by and Marisa, his best friend from college, asked him while they were in the parking about a rumour that they were laying off workers. She wants to know because she is planning to have a baby and about to sign for a new house. What should Marcos say?

o Apply the ethical decision-making process to make a decision regarding that ethical dilemma. Explain every step. 

o Explain your final decision based on one of the theoretical frameworks discussed in class. 

o Make two recommendations for Happy Picture Inc to avoid situations like the one in the dilemma. Justify your recommendation based on the concepts discussed in class.

o If there are any facts that are uncertain or additional information you would need to know, please, state it. 

· Contextual information:

o Make sure to make reference to concepts discussed in sessions 1, 3,4 and 5.

o As a reference, the ethical decision-making process is extensively discussed in the resources of session 3. 

· Expected table of contents

o Steps applying the ethical decision-making process

o Decision

o Recommendations and justification

· Submit a document in pdf format.


· Wordcount: 1,250 words +/-10%

· Font: Arial 12,5 pts. 

· Text alignment: Justified. 

Submission:  SUNDAY 14th MARCH BEFORE 6pm, Central EU Time.

It assesses the following learning outcomes:

Outcome 2: specify the ethical and social consequences of an alternative and understand why ethics are an essential dimension of decision-making; 

Outcome 3: learn how to make ethical judgments and integrate them in the decision-making process; 

Outcome 4: understand commonly-occurring ethical issues and dilemmas in managing businesses; 

Outcome 6: Determine how to improve the responsibility of business on respecting human rights and the natural environment, promoting human development and contributing to a better society; 

Outcome 7: communicate in terms of responsibility and accountability.

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