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Need a reflection paper of 8 to 10 pages which


Need a reflection paper of 8 to 10 pages which will also require the following.

1.Reflection Paper Draft # 1 assignment due 6/18/21

2.Reflection Paper # 2 assignment 6/23/21

3.Reflection Paper Final assignment 6/28/21 

See attachment for Idea and guidance see reflection paper outline attached as well.

Reflection Paper on your course through the RN to BSN program indicating how you successfully met the following nine (9) Student Learning Outcomes:

1-Integrate the knowledge and methods from a variety of disciplines to inform decision making 

2. Apply basic organizational and systems leadership for quality care and client safety 

3. Integrate scholarship for evidence-based practice into the care of the client 

4. Use information management and application of client care technology 

5. Examine policy, finance, and regulatory environments in healthcare 

6. Incorporate inter-professional communication and collaboration to improve client health outcomes 

7. Use clinical prevention and population health principles to improve the care of the client 

8. Demonstrate professionalism and professional values in the care of the client 

9. Integrate knowledge and skills across the lifespan and in the continuum of healthcare environments in the care of the client.

The paper will include:


Personal Goals for taking the program. 

Why you choose College 1234. 

Course Student Learning Outcome Achievement for EACH of the above Learning Outcomes. Explain how your course work and/or practicum experience enabled you to meet the learning outcomes Future goals for yourself in Nursing.

Conclusion Appendix Table listing the names of the course papers, discussions, projects (individual or group), case study (three to four sentences about the study), and any other relevant material that supports each of the goals.

For example: 

Student Learning Outcome 3: My ability to integrate scholarship for evidence-based practice into the care of the client was evidenced through the completion of the Transformational Leadership assignment for Quality or Safety Initiative. I chose a Quality Initiative to better evaluate (subject). This initiative was also used as my PowerPoint presentation for the BSN Capstone program

Powerpoint is attached for you to use as a reference.

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