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Question 1:(3 pages) Build Your Own Questionnaire! you explored and

  Question 1:(3 pages)

Build Your Own Questionnaire!  you explored and identified factors that influence adjustment issues and their impact on academic performance of university students. In this assignment, your task is to create a survey instrument (consisting of no less than 10 items) to assess various dimensions of student adjustment in the US.

Before creating your survey questionnaire, use the Library and Information Resources Network of Westcliff University (LIRN) to find resources (including dissertations and theses) that address a similar topic. 

● Based on your response and the feedback, construct your own survey instrument.

● After constructing the instrument, write a paper of minimum three (3) APA-formatted pages, and provide the background on the process of creating the instrument: Explain different dimensions and subscales of the instrument; discuss reliability and validity issues; and then explain the scoring process (including reverse coding if needed).

Below is the response and the feedback:

The research type is confirmatory. This is because, in confirmatory research, the researcher has a little bit of idea about the variables on which he will go to investigate. In this type of research, a predetermined theory is examined that whether it holds true with the researched data or not. Since, I have already formed the operational theory that student retention is influenced by general and academic adjustment, including financial and living conditions of the students. This qualitative analysis will be based on this theory which determines the confirmatory nature of the research. While the orientation and audience of the research are the university administrators because they want to improve the student retention and graduation rates (Ford, 2014).

However, for this research, I have selected the method of data collection through direct interviews. Interviews were conducted with more than three students of the same university. They were separately interviewed and questions were asked. They answered them freely to analyze the student retention and graduation rates. While conducting interviews, the researchers faced some problems and limitations. Firstly, the study is totally conducted in this university. Hence, the results can also be limited. Secondly, the reasons for student retention are already perceived in the operation theory. Hence, the study is more focused on those reasons rather than discovering more out of them. Another problem that the researchers faced was the selection of students to conduct the interview (Woods, 2017).
To determine the student retention and graduation rates, the researcher designed some questions to analyze their outcomes. Some of them are:
How is the institution or the teacher’s involvement with them even though the students are engaged with them or not?
Was there any self-assessment available or not?
Do students proud enough with their belongings with the university or institution? (Owens, 2017)
Answers to the following questions from the students will help out to analyze the collected data and to extract the results out from them.

Question 2 (Quantitative, 2 pages)

Use the Excel file attached. This file contains GE’s daily stock market data covering the period of 12/13/2010 to 12/11/2018. The file includes a total of 2,013 daily transaction records including date, opening price of the GE stock for the day, highest price, lowest price, closing price, closing price adjusted for dividends, and the number of stocks traded (volume). 

Complete the following tasks on GE’s stock and copy your results in a word document and submit your report.

● Use the explore command in SPSS and explain whether the trading volume of the stock is normally distributed. Make sure to discuss, mean, median, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis, and results from the test of normality. 

(If you do not have access to SPSS, in Excel use the Data Analysis on the “DATA” tab, then select descriptive statistics).

● Select a random sample of exactly 125 observations. Then run the descriptive command and calculate the mean and standard deviation of the sample. Calculate the 95% confidence interval for the mean and verify if the population mean is within the estimated confidence interval.

○  (If you do not have access to SPSS, in Excel use the Sampling on the Data Analysis tab to select your sample).

Suppose you believe that the true average daily trade volume for General Electric stock is 49,829,719 shares and a standard deviation of 21,059,637 shares. Considering a 95% confidence level: 

● What is the minimum required sample size if you would like your sampling error to be limited to 1,000,000 shares? 

● What sample size would offer a sampling error of not more than 2,000,000 shares?

Refer to the sample size of 125 that you found in the previous section above, 

● Conduct a one-population test of hypothesis for the mean of the volume and determine if the null hypothesis should be rejected or not.

  Question 3:(1 page, 2 reference)

Use the article below

Cerulli, R., Dameri, R., P. & Sciomachen, P. (2018). Operations management in distribution networks within a smart city frame. IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, 29, 189-205. doi:10.1093/imaman/dpw024

to discuss the research method chosen by the author(s) and analyze its alignment with the research questions. 

Question 4( 2 pages, 2 references)

Develop the Nature of your Study:

The nature of the study should include the following: 

● Research method: quantitative, qualitative, or the mixed methods

• Research design in alignment with your research method

• Data needed, how you will access the data, and provide indications that the needed data can be accessed.

• Description of data collection method: direct observation, interviews, survey instrument, experimental design, archival, proprietary information, publicly available data, etc.

• Description of any data collection instrument(s) that is planned to be used and any pilot study needed (e.g., if you design your own survey). 

• Description of planned data analysis, including statistical tests

Remember, the prospectus and proposal will be written in the future tense.

Question 5:  ( 1 page, 1 reference)

●      What recommendations do you have for yourself to be more effective and productive in the workplace based on your performance this session?
●      What type of performance review would you find helpful to assess your progress?
●      What would you communicate to your supervisor during your performance review?
●      What information in your performance review could you use in your Professional Portfolio?

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