Gather information on 3- National and 3 – local(North Carolina) agencies that support children’s health, safety and nutrition for children between birth to age 8 and their families.

Provide the following for each (total of 6):

  • Agency name,
  • Agency website,
  • Agency physical address and phone number
  • Summarize the service that they offer that supports the health, safety and nutrition of children.
  • Describe how your program or families would benefit from this resource or organization.

Format: Submit as one document- no cover page required



Mastery: Advanced or exceeds achievement

Provided a comprehensive description of some of the services the agency offers and identified how the agency could support your families.


 Mastery: Advanced or exceeds achievement

Provided a thorough description of the benefits from resources or organizations

 Mastery: Advanced or exceeds achievement

Identified 3- National and more than 3 – local agencies. All contact information was included for each agency

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