First summarize readings 11 and 12 and the Ted Talk separately.

Second, please answer the question that the authors of reading 12 pose: We discuss a variety of laws and policies that contributed to structural racism (e.g., Slave Codes, Homestead Act, redlining, GI Bill). How, if at all, have those policies shaped your life, your family members’ lives, or those of your ancestors? (Please pay special attention to policies here) Alternately, if you are someone for whom this question does not apply (if you are a first-generation immigrant, for example), then choose another question from the list on pg 30-31 of reading 12. Make sure to mention the specific question before you answer it.

Lastly, include at least one question that the material brings up for you. 

post should be at least 250 words.

Reading 11:


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