For the Critical Thinking assignment, you are negotiating with your supervisor for a raise and also to work four days per week and 12-hour days. To begin this assignment, answer the following questions (see below). You can use your current income and schedule as the “opponent’s” BATNA. After you have thoroughly answered the questions, prepare a one-page summary of your findings. How would you gain power in this situation since the supervisor would have legitimate power? Please submit both the question responses and your summary in the same document. The paper should be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.

  1. What issues are most important to you? (List five in order of importance)
  2. What is your BATNA?  Reservation Price? Target?
  3. What are your sources of power?
  4. What issues are most important to your opponent? (List five in order of importance)
  5. What is your opponent’s BATNA? Reservation Price? Target?
  6. What are your opponent’s sources of power?
  7. What is your opening move/first strategy? Other important information?

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