1- Marketing Research Project Part 2: Executing Marketing Research 

You as a Marketing Research Manager have been assigned to conduct a small marketing research study. You have identified the problems that you want to solve, came up with the research questions, and planned research design in your research proposal in week 3. (I UPLOADED THE WEEK 3 PROPOSAL) Please discuss and prepare the following items: 

  1. Data collection methods (Chapter 8 -10) — How would you collect your data, quantitative (i.e., survey) or qualitative (i.e., interview, observation) or mixed (i.e., survey and interview)? What are the different means and techniques you will use to collect data, online survey, in-person interview, or observation, etc.?
  2. Sampling design (Chapter 14) – Who will be your sample? What would be your sample size and how would you determine the sample size?
  3. Questionnaire design (Chapter 11 & 13 & 15) — You have to develop questionnaires and collect data (i.e., through the survey or interview, etc.)

Instructions for Assignment:

  • 2-3 Pages in APA 7th format excluding cover and reference pages 
  • Use a minimum of  3 references: Don’t forget to cite them. 
  • Submit in a Word format, not the PDF file. 

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