I’ve included a rough draft of my working thesis on the Environmental Effects of Fast Fashion

Part 1.

I need a brief narrative (of around 500 words) where you discuss the Environmental Effects of Fast Fashion.

  • the working thesis you have settled on for your project
  • how you arrived at the topic
  • some of the other ideas you considered in your brainstorming activities
  • at least two reasons for choosing this topic (universal value + personal interest)
  • what initial library research you have conducted so far/what working knowledge you’ve gathered to date
  • what you hope to learn from researching this topic over the course of the semester

Part 2.

An Annotated Bibliography is a list of the sources you have found so far.  

These sources should:

  • directly reflect your topic and working thesis
  • be current
  • demonstrate authority on the author’s part

Look for sources that will help you write, develop, and support your semester research project.

For each source, you should include:

  • a full MLA citation as it would appear on your Works Cited page
    • refer to Content >> Guide A: Research and MLA, as needed
  • a summary, two to three sentences long, where you highlight the main argument of the source and the most important takeaways
  • in a sentence or two, an evaluation of the effectiveness and credibility of your source
  • a response of your reaction to the source and how you will use it in your writing or research project, in a sentence or two

Include all information for at least three sources.

The list should be in alphabetical order as it would be on your Works Cited page.

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