You will interview someone who is different than you and write 3-4  page  paper describing your experience.  The paper should be double – space 12 point font Times New Roman.

Objective : To interview someone different from you. To find your interviews, circle  4 Terms ( see below) you identify with. Find someone who identifies with a different term in the same category. For example,  if you are a Buddhist, you could choose to interview someone who is Jewish. Or you might interview someone from generation X if you are from the baby boom generation. Remember that diversity is often not visibly apparent.

Class: Middle  upper, lower

Religion: Atheist/ Agnostic, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, other.

Nationality: U.S./ American,

Race / Ethnicity: African American, Asian American, European American, Native American, other 

Other Age : GI generation ( born Between 1905- 1924), silent generation ( 1925- 1944), baby boom ( 1945- 1964), Genearion 

Y ( 1985-  2010) 

Gender  identity: Asexual, bisexual, lesbian, Gay, Straight, other.

The interview will allow you to have a conversation with someone and think critically, about how your differences have shaped your life experience. Uses the following method as a guide and write a summary according ( this is only a guide):

Part 1. Introduction: driscribe the context of the interview- who you interviewed, why they were selected and where the interview took place.

Part 2: What similarities and differences were uncovered.


Part 3 : what aspects of the interview were most and least comfortable for you. Why?

Part 4:  How does this experience assist you in your field in  healthcare and working with diverse patience?

Part 5: Conclusion:  What key insight did you develop? What is the most significant thing you learned from the experience and how is this relevant to our discussion of diversity? 

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