Based on the following two statements, do you feel they are “inductive” or deductive,” and why?  Justify your answers.

  1. Tony is employed by the Teamsters Local 104 and makes $30,000 a year. Other employees at Local 104 have indicated that Tony does not appear at the union office except to pick up his paychecks.  Tony is the driver/bodyguard for “Crazy Sammy” Nello, the head of the local organized crime family.  Sammy is involved in organized crime. Is the inference “inductive” or “deductive”?  Justify your answer.
  2. In 2006, Bill made $20,000 a year as a vending machine serviceman. In 2006, Bill paid $50,000 cash for a sailboat. In 2006, Bill had no other reported sources of income aside from his job at the vending machine company.  Bill has illegal sources of income. Is the inference “inductive” or “deductive”?  Justify your answer.


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