1) Read Chapter 1 to learn about the seven elements of the Speech Communication Process. 

2) Think back on an important conversation you had recently in which you wanted to achieve a particular result. (Examples: asking your employer to change your work schedule; explaining to a friend how to change the oil and filter in a car; attempting to convince your spouse or partner into buying the computer you like rather than the one he or she prefers.)

3) Post a brief analysis of the conversation. In your analysis, explain the following: (a) your purpose in the conversation and the message strategy you chose to achieve your purpose; (b) the communication channels used during the conversation and how they affected the outcome; (c) the interference—internal or external—you encountered during the conversation; (d) the steps you took to adjust to feedback; (e) the strategic changes you would make in preparing for and carrying out the conversation if you had a “do-over.” 

4. respond to one of your friend’s posts. I need a response for the example down thee page. 

that’s an example (One of my two jobs at the moment is working at a restaurant as a server and a bartender. This past Sunday I was in charge of training a new girl who has never worked in a restaurant before then. Towards the end of the shift, I finally summoned the courage to bring up the fact that she needs to try and help a little more instead of being on her phone and taking multiple trips to the bathroom every hour, but I guess that is none of my business. The purpose of this conversation is to make my coworker aware of what she is expected to do (even just on her second day). My message strategy to achieve this purpose is to come off as nice as I possibly can without sounding like a jerk. The channel was very direct due to my being a few feet from her. Some interference I encountered during our conversation would be the music in the background and also a customer who needed a to-go box. The only feedback I was receiving was her reaction to what I said which was respectful and intuitive. If I could have the opportunity to re-do the conversation, the only thing I would change would be the timing of it. I should have addressed the problem earlier in the shift when I originally noticed her inability to work hard)

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