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 1)    Universal, affordable, sustainable access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) is the primary public health issue that is the focus of SDG Goal 6. Discuss factors that affect the achievement of this goal, focusing on the intersections between humans and animals that occur in many developing countries. In replies to peers, discuss potential strategies that could be used to overcome obstacles to WASH. 

DQ 2


Using the Global Health NOW website provided in the study materials, locate an article that discusses a One Health approach. When selecting an article, do not use articles that have already been posted by peers. Post a link to the article. In two or three sentences, summarize the article, discuss how it relates to global health, and explain why it is important to public health professionals. In replies to peers, discuss what you learned from the article and whether you agree or disagree with the ideas presented in the initial post.

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