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Please complete the following discussion and put a statement/source out of the 13 listed below. Please cite in APA and cite sources. 

Choose one of the statements/sources below. Use critical thinking, what you have learned in the textbook, course modules, the Scientific Method Tutorial,The Limits of Science, and other information sources to determine whether or not your chosen statement/article is based (mostly) on science or pseudoscience.

Try to locate a published peer-reviewed scholarly article that supports the claim, make a reference to something you read in the textbook/course module, and summarize your conclusion in 150-300 words. Your conclusion must be supported by at least one peer-reviewed scholarly article in addition to the course materials. 

To locate a peer-reviewed scholarly article I suggest using one of the following:

  1. UMGC library’s search engine OneSearch
  2. GoogleScholar

Not sure what a peer-reviewed scholarly article is? Here is a good explanation:

You may also find this article useful, Science and Pseudoscience in Adult Nutrition Research and Practice:

Statement/Resource Choices: 

1. Green coffee supplements burn fat: 

2. The blood type diet improves your health:

3. The Atkins Diet will help you lose weight quickly:

4. Talking to your plants make them grow faster:

5. Following this 1-2-3 Detox plan will make you radiant:

6. Forskolin rapidly melts away belly fat:   and 

7. “Balance” essential oil blend will affect your blood cells and relieve ADHD, anxiety, lupus, jet lag and much more: 

8. Probiotics helps you lose weight, especially belly fat:

9. Drinking alkaline water helps fight cancer:

10.  Alkaline Water Prevents The Development Of Diabetes:

11. Garlic prevents the common cold: 

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