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Topic: Unbecoming Conduct in Youth Sport As the Director of


Topic:  Unbecoming Conduct in Youth Sport

As the Director of Children’s Sport Programming for you home town, you are tasked with organizing a new soccer league for girls and boys from six to ten years old.  Experience tells you that the parents and kids in your town are very competitive.  For example, in the winter hockey league, several groups of parents were banned and suspensions for poor sportsmanship were common for participants.  In order to be proactive and eliminate such behaviors in the new soccer league, you have developed a Code of Conduct for all stakeholders.

1.  Describe your Code of Conduct for directing the behavior of (a) participants, (b) parents, and (c) general spectators.

2.  How will you communicate the Code of Conduct to the stakeholders?

3.  How will the Code of Conduct be enforced?

4.  How will you go about getting all stakeholders to buy into the Code?

5.  What ethical dilemmas might you face in implementing the policy and how will you solve them?

Based on current (2010 to present) research and personal experience, research this topic and support your opinions with at least 1 citation. This link provides a sport-management-specific research portal at the Jerry Falwell Library that may be used for this assignment. Also, refer to the presentation in the Reading & Study folder that shows you how to locate scholarly resources in the field of Sport Management.

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