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The following is the outline for your Opportunity Assessment and Selection Paper.

Section 1: Recognize each entrepreneur’s problem.

Section 2: Determine needs: Consider including all explicit needs (at least, those that are known at this time), their evaluation process, who is the responsible decision maker, and is there any compelling event driving this opportunity?

Section 3: Evaluate options: What is a unique value proposition that each entrepreneur possesses? Is there any specific vendor selection criteria? How have they been successful? What quantifiable success metrics did they use and why?

Section 4: Resolve concerns: What were the concerns related to this initiative? What risks did they run into and ultimately mitigated? How? What was the resistance they encountered? What did you do about them? 

Section 5: How did they make their decision: What were their client’s must haves? Why are they important? What concessions were made? Are there any non-negotiables? Was their any negotiations they needed to make?

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