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In the LC PBX project how important was using a six step implementation process for the implantation process, or was it not useful at all ?

The LC PBX project was in my opinion was successful due to the company using a six step implementation process. What makes up the six steps of the strategic plan used in implementing a new system?

There are six steps in our process guide to strategy implementation that you can follow and ensure that your strategic plan evolves from just a plan, into a strategic implementation:

  1. Define your strategy framework
  2. Build your plan
  3. Define KPIs
  4. Establish your strategy rhythm
  5. Implement strategy reporting
  6. Link performance to strategy                                                                                                                 In everyday terms, it is DOING what you said you would do while in the planning phase.



What made LaGrange College PBX case successful?

LaGrange College had used an ESSX system; but due to the growth of college students, they felt it would be better for them to upgrade their system. The college wanted to arrange for each faculty member to have their own specific telephone number, rather than sharing one phone line for multiple faculty.

Faculty members and board members at LaGrange College formed a team to discuss the needs and plans for this transformation. They formed a six step model and discussed each step in detail. The first step was to investigate. In the investigation phase of the project, the problem is identified by management staff and discussed with the rest of the team. The second step is the analysis and design phase. In this phase they determined the exact needs for the system. Next, they had to determine the design and order and install the necessary equipment. After the system was installed and tested, implementation took place. Staff was trained on the new system and taught how to maintain it. In the final stage, the system is turned over to a maintenance group who is trained on how to identify and correct any issues that have occurred. 

LaGrange College worked together and planned each step out into detail in order to have a successful transformation. If the staff would not have discussed it with one another, the transformation may not have been as successful.

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