You must develop a well-supported argument that answers the entire question and provides direct textual evidence for your claims. You will be evaluated on your argument as well as your usage and understanding of the required texts.

What is Aristotle’s Critique of Plato? Is it a legitimate criticism?

For this assignment, you must answer this question in a “Blog-Style” post. You MUST use direct references to the text, but do not have to use any advanced citation style besides putting the page numbers in parentheses. You can also use the paragraph numbers if it  makes sense.


Aristotle said “This thing about Plato,” (134)

Remember, you are graded on your ability to develop a clear, coherent argument that answers the question. You do not need to summarize the text, but should instead focus on making your argument and supporting it with examples from the text.


What is “Blog-Style”?

This means that you still have to make an overarching argument and support it with evidence, but you do not need all of the specific trappings. (like an intro and conclusion).

Do I need to use all of the authors?

Yes, if the question mentions multiple authors, you must discuss them all in some way.

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