Research these elements of the GUCCI.

Answer the questions below. Remember to label each one you’ve answered.
When completing this activity, be sure to pay special attention to the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax of your responses.
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  • Brand Vision – The brand answers the question “What does the brand want to be?” by defining its vision and crafting a mission statement.  Please share the actual mission (or sometimes called vision) statement, then say in your own words what you think the brand’s mission really means.   
  • Brand Definition – Brands have to clearly define what they actually do in terms of real products and services.  Please explain the brand architecture.   
  • Brand Identity – The brand logo(s) and slogans, or other identifiers associated with the brand provide meaning or connections with the brand and the audiences.  Please describe the logo (you may include a graphic), a brief history of that logo, and what you think consumers think when they see the logo.  Also, please provide any well-known slogans that are associated with the brand; what do these mean to the consumer?  
  • Brand Stakeholders – Stakeholders are anyone or any entity that is affected by or affects the brand. Please list the stakeholders for this brand and explain why each is a stakeholder.  
  • Brand Positioning – Please describe what you believe the brand positioning at a high level for each of these positioning areas.  
    • In the marketplace – how does the brand appear in the marketplace in terms of revenue?  Try to find current revenue information as well the revenue of current competition.   
    • In the mind of the consumer (target audience) – how does the target audience think about the brand, and how does the brand WANT the target to think of it?  This can be based on what you have seen in terms of marketing messaging or even something you have read from the brand on how it wants to be perceived.   
    • Against the competition – please identify at least two competitors; who are they and how does the brand position itself against the competition?   
    • Products and Services are also positioned in marketing based on product attributes, geography, lifestyle psychographics – Review up to 5 marketing communications pieces from the brand and identify what you see (please write this up in summary): 
    • What products are promoted? 
    • What audience is depicted in the marketing pieces? 
    • What do you see in terms of geography for the pieces? 
    • What lifestyle references do you see?   
  • Brand Associations – Please identify any key brand associations and how you think they impact the brand in the eyes of consumers.

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