On pages 6-8 the book talks about the Elements of Ethics. On pages 8-10 the book talks about religion and morality. Discuss some of this showing your understanding of the ideas and how it relates to your own moral beliefs and attitudes. Do you think care about reasoning when it comes to your moral views? Do you ever formulate universal principles about how to act? Do you believe that impartiality is always important? Is morality important to you in all areas of your life, some areas, or none? Does your religion have anything to do with your morality? Do you do whatever your religion tells you to?

One way to discuss these issues that might be helpful to you is to discuss a significant moral decision that you have made. You could discuss what moral principles or values or feelings were important, and how you made the decision. Do you think that you made the right decision, and what makes you think that?

Bonus points: Also talk about  The Euthyphro by Plato, and what it implies about how seriously we should take “sacred texts.”

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