Unit 2 DB: Art as Language

Paragraph 1: Ancient Near Eastern art has a lot of sub-categories that are used to illustrate how different locales used art and how they influenced each other.  Use two examples where the Ancient Near East used artwork to illustrate their differing priorities.  You may use examples of art or artistic ideas (such as style or intent).

Paragraph 2: Egyptian Art is highly recognizable, even to those who have never studied Art History.  Its significance is present in the studies of History, World Civilizations, and more.  The style of their art remained unchanged for over 3,000 years!  Discuss why the style was significant and long lasting by using an example of Egyptian art to support your claim.  For example, why were human figures stylized in such a specific way?  What’s the deal with the cities for the dead?  Why is their idea on the role of art opposite of ours today of originality?

Reading: Formalism and Content

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