Reading: New Venture Creation: An Innovator’s Guide to Entrepreneurship

Chapter 5: Defining the Business Model to a Venture

Chapter 9: Projecting the Financial Performance and Requirements for Ventures

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Discussion Question – CLO 1, CLO 2

How does financial planning benefit the business model of your new venture? Please support your thoughts with relevant outside information in your 200-250-word responses.

Make sure to support your thoughts with relevant, outside, reliable academic and peer-reviewed resources that are properly identified, cited, and referenced in your response.

Professional Assignment 2 – CLO 1, CLO 7 (Chapters 5, Chapter 9) 

An integral part of the business plan is to develop a business model. Simply put, a business model describes how a company plans to make money. It is not what you do, but how you will make money doing what you do. A solid business model is the link between venture strategy and financial plans. Projecting the financial performance and requirements can be classified as financial goals of the venture. A venture capitalist will want to know not only the numbers, but how those were derived. 

For this professional assignment, you will develop both a business model and financial goals for your new venture. Using chapters 5 and 9 of your textbook for reference, develop and submit the following:

Define the business model of your venture company, explaining why it is you have selected this business model as the ideal model for your venture.

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