Earlier this year Texas A&M Commerce announced that they will be collaborating with Dallas College to move into Dallas, a new and competitive market for higher education. This move will offer students at Dallas College an opportunity to “transition their associate degree studies to a bachelor’s degree from A&M-Commerce.” For Texas A&M Commerce to succeed in this new collaboration it will need to create business processes that facilitate the transition for students from Dallas College. In the first two weeks, we learned that information systems are often designed and developed to address such opportunities for organizations. In the context of this strategic move in the Dallas higher education marketplace by Texas A&M Commerce, please answer the following questions.

1. What is the problem (opportunity) being addressed by Texas A&M Commerce university? (200 words)

 2. Identify three functional (100 words) and three non-functional (100 words) requirements for an information system that will help Texas A&M Commerce execute this collaboration. These requirements can be shown using bullet points.

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