Write 3 or 4 well-developed paragraphs about the topic.  Due by midnight Sunday night..

Topic:  Write about similarities and differences between your culture and another culture you are familiar with from your personal experiences.  If you haven’t traveled abroad, or don’t have first-hand experience visiting or living in another culture, watch one of the movies from the list below and write about what you notice from the movie.  

1.  In what ways does life in the other country differ from yours?
2.  What are the major similarities between your culture and the one you visited/viewed?
3.  Apply Hofstede’s Model to your comparison.

Suggested Movies:

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011) (British in India)

Chinese Takeaway (2011) (Chinese man in Argentina)

Kebab Connection (2004) (Turkish man in Germany)

Leap Year (2009) (American in Ireland)Lost in Translation (2003) (Americans in Japan)

Outsourced (2006) (American in India)

Welcome (2008) (Kurdish and French cultures)

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