(1) Over the last five weeks I have asked students to view the website of the

American Evaluation Association (AEA) as part of their course activities. For

this mid-term I would like each of you to examine the AEA Topical Interest

Groups (TIG) web page found at this link:



– Identify one TIG in particular that interests you.

– Discuss why you think the work of the TIG is important from the

perspective of a forward thinking field of program evaluation.

– What issues would you like to see the TIG you select focus on in 2022?

Why have these concerns become important now?

– Is there a TIG you think is missing from the list that should be added? If

so, which one (s) – and why?

(2) Discuss what a target population is, and explain its purpose in a program

evaluation Why is this concept important for evaluators to understand?


– Explain how you would define the current target population for a program of

your choice (it can be the one you are working on for the EDP assignment).

– Explain how you would define the current target geographic boundaries for

the same program’s target population.

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